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Strange Magic - Fantasy Old School in poche pagine
  Ritorna il tempo in cui un dungeon era un dungeon ed ogni incontro una minaccia alle vostre fragili vite di avventurieri. Il tempo in cui una torcia era più salvifica di una lama, le tenebre una maledizione e ogni trappola un pericolo mortale. ...
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The future... as it was
Dare the Stars is a retro-science fiction Role-Playing game derived from the White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying. It allows you to roleplay in a  setting inspired by the classic “pulp” comics and novels of the 30’s - 50’s - stories ...
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Mark Rein-Hagen's I AM ZOMBIE is now available through retailers worldwide, including our RPG Meeting platform! Being toxic has never been so fun. While the I AM ZOMBIE TOXICITY Kickstarter is proceeding at a great pace, having funded in five hours, the ...
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