The award-winning tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) publisher Alephtar Games is launching a series of new product lines for its core RPG System, Revolution D100. Each line is based on a fictional world from non-mainstream literature, comics, cinema or other media. The RPG products are complementary to the other entertainment forms, and may come packaged with them in a cross-media product offer.

The first product to appear will be Red Moon Rising, a setting book for the steampunk world imagined by Scottish artist Rose Loughran. As of Spring 2017, the author has explored this world in an ongoing web comic. One self-contained story arc, readable alone like a novel in a series, has appeared so far, and the plot is still being developed. The supplement for Revolution D100 is the first alternate media incarnation of the web comic. Alephtar Games will launch the book with a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in May 2017, and then proceed to distribute it through regular retail channels.

In the world of Red Moon Rising, the expansionist power of Ashul, ruled by a military oligarchy of techno-mages, threatens the more sophisticated but less technologically advanced civilization of Imara, where those born with the gift of magic are more incline to put it to a peaceful use. The web comic is about people from these nations and how their destinies cross and their lives get caught in the machinations of opposing powers. The roleplaying game lets you be the protagonist of similar stories of intrigue and adventure and change their outcome with your actions.

To take the role of a citizen of Ashul or Imara you will need the core Revolution D100 rulebook and the Red Moon Rising supplement. Our crowd funding campaign allows you to get both, in case you do not have the core book. In addition to this, you can order the first complete part of the web comic, “Waterlogged”, in a deluxe graphic novel format.

Core book, setting book, graphic novel: you are free to choose any one, or more, of these items. Pick the format you are most comfortable with, and become immersed in the Red Moon Rising universe.

Artwork Copyright © 2017 Rose Loughran, all rights reserved.

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