Revolution D100

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A true revolution in D100 gaming

This game proposes a new approach to percentile-based role-playing games, while keeping the unique flavour of the classic D100 engine. In the book you will find: class-less and skill-based character generation; an intuitive percentile resolution method; lethal combat; supernatural powers; and many more of the hallmarks which made D100 games so popular.

This game also features:

  • Native multi-genre support: play fantasy, steampunk, historical, cyberpunk, space opera and more.
  • A new approach to the percentile die that does not require calculations.
  • Distinct roles for characteristics and skills.
  • Streamlined system to run all significant events as extended conflicts.
  • Basic combat based on conflict rules, for when violence is not the main course
  • Optional advanced combat with greater level of detail, for when the clash of steel is important.
  • Basic power list with countless possibilities for customization.
  • Four sample power types: Arcane Magic, Divine Magic, Psionics and Weird Science.
  • Do-it-yourself system for designing weapons and armour, both historical and hi-tech.
  • Rules for character-created gadgetry and potions, as well as enchantments.
  • An introductory scenario, The Quest for El Dorado

Revolution D100 forms the basis for the next generation of products by Alephtar Games, in order to continue our award-winning tradition of accurate historical research, coupled with exciting fantasy elements, and to explore new avenues like science fiction, steampunk or pulp adventure. It is also highly compatible with our first-generation products.

256 pages b/w, hardcover or softcover, letter format

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