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Play Online

An important part of RPG Meeting mission is promoting online play of tabletop RPGs, both for fans of pen&paper games who can no longer assemble a group to play face-to-face and for fans of computer RPGs who have only played online but would like to try the exciting experience of playing in a living environment that does not follow a pre-scripted plot.

In order to replicate the tabletop gaming experience, you use what is called a Virtual TableTop (VTT), an app that performs all the functions normally performed by the materials you keep on your gaming table: paper, pencils, dice, miniatures, battlemaps and so on. The picture below shows an online game featuring a real D&D® Next® module (The Mines of Phandelver) in progress.


The app that we recommend is Fantasy Grounds (FG), a software by Smiteworks LLC that is among the most famous products for online gaming, and the official online VTT for Dungeons&Dragons, Fate, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds and other popular roleplaying games.



RPG Meeting will continue to support Fantasy Grounds and other virtual tabletop software apps in order to enable more and more gamers to practice their (and our) favorite hobby online. Some initiatives that you will find soon in this specific section of our community will be:

  • Promoting the translation of Fantasy Grounds in various languages.
  • Publishing useful tutorials about how to play with a vtt in our online gaming section.
  • Organizing demo games with virtual tabletops.
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