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Merrie England: Robyn Hode PDF

Sold by: Alephtar Games
10,90 € each


The latest incarnation of Merrie England,this book contains all you need to be able to play in England at the time of Robyn Hode.

Using the Revolution D100 Ruleset, Merrie England: Robyn Hode provides a set of rules, cultural backgrounds and professions that allow you to play one of the Merrie Men, one of the Sheriff ’s guards or even one of the corrupt churchmen of the time.

Not restricted to the outlaws of Sherwood Forest, this also covers the wider Medieval England, allowing your game to expand outside the forest.

So, come and join the outlaws of Merrie England and help in the Revolution in Sherwood!

PDF format, 196 pages b/w

This book requires the Revolution D100 core rulebook, also by Alephtar Games. But even if you use it with another, compatible game system, we will not report you to the evil Sheriff.


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